The Five-Dollar Savings Plan

I am going to try this! I can’t wait to get started! Should I make a wish list! I think yes!

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It’s very simple. Every time you get a $5 bill, you save it! At the end of the year, you buy yourself something! 

I saw this idea on Pinterest last year, and decided to try it…it was so fun!

Here’s some more details…

Every time you get a $5 bill, you save it. I kept mine in a clip for a long time, until I finally found a shadow box at a thrift store! Then I stored it in the shadow box, simply up on my wall. I used a dry-erase marker to change the amount every time I added a $5.


At the end of 2012, I still didn’t have enough money for what I wanted…a Kitchen Aid. If you know me at all, you know that it’s one of my dreams – to own my own Kitchen Aid! So I continued to save, and this weekend I finally…

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So trying to eat healthy is actually easy for me but getting up and moving is sooooo hard! It’s hard because I am over weight and my knees and legs just ach. I need some low impact workouts that will strengthen my legs and my core so that when I work out I don’t want to cry from the pain in my legs.

Many people try to tell me that I need to go the doctor because I am obese and have heath issues. Well guess what I had lab work done and I am extremely healthy other than being obese! My doctor and I are putting a plan in place to get that under control!

Here comes a whole new me so get ready!imagesGQNQJGFC

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Bye Bye Facebook

As I start my new journey in life I am deleting myself off of Facebook. For how long is unknown right now. I am going to use this new found time to get my life back in line with what God would have for me!

Last night I decided to deactivate my Facebook page and I honestly have not missed it at all. I know it is only day one but I haven’t had the desire to check it just one time!

Why? Why did I decide to kick it to the curb?
  • Post posts where:
    • Recipes
    • Items for sell
    • Random videos or picture’s where just shared and not a personal thing
    • Drama starters
    • People showing off how much they worked out or did this healthy thing or that

Not that I didn’t like some of those posts but many of them made me feel so depressed because it reminded me of the following:

  • How I don’t have a lot of money to spend.
  • How my life is boring
  • How I am not that good of a cook
  • Wondering who will hate me for this post
  • How overweight I am and that I have to do it the hard way while others spend money on products that help.
  • Also a constant reminder how I don’t have kids yet
I know that those things don’t define who I am but they were a constant reminder of how I constantly struggling to get to my goals in life.
Now that I won’t have that distraction my plan is to focus on the things in life that will get me some place! Starting with my relationship with God! Without God I will never be anything!
I challenge you to to evaluate your life and see what is hindering you from reaching your goals in life!
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